A beach break on Phi Phi island

Thailand: Bangkok, Koh Phi Phi . 01.02.2010

Being my 41’th trip to Thailand, my option of where to travel here is getting pretty slim. Although most of my trips to Thailand are because of my work, importing silver jewelry, but I always seem to find some time to do some travelling in between as well, and loving it!!

This time I visited the beautiful island of Phi Phi (Koh Phi Phi Don)..again..

Flying to Phuket from Bangkok saved me a whole day & night travelling with the bus. You can find some really great deals flying with air Asia, one-two-go, Bangkok airways or Thai air. Down to 2000Bath actually, nice.

Spent a couple of nights in Patong which is really just a crappy and noise place before heading for Andaman Sea and the island of Koh Phi Phi.

Koh Phi Phi:

Approaching Koh Phi Phi Lay (neighbor island of Koh Phi Phi Don) for a short stop-over, and seeing the beautiful Maya Bay with its fine, white sandy beach and breathtaking rock formation rising from the turquoise water, you really know you’ve arrived in paradise.
The famous movie “The Beach” staring Leonardo Di Caprio was shot in this bay, and that’s probably why it’s far too many tourists in this small bay, making it just a drag enjoying this beautiful bay.

After a short stop at Koh Phi Phi Lay, the journey continues to my final destination, Koh Phi Phi Don.
Approaching the palm fringed village surrounded by its beautiful clear waters, it’s a must to say I’m really looking forward to a beach break at this tropical paradise.

During the high season it’s far too many tourists on Phi Phi, making it quite expensive and at times hard to even find a place to stay for the night.
The great thing about Phi Phi is the beautiful beaches with its clear water making it great for snorkeling and diving, as well as getting a break from the constant and annoying traffic noise you hear everywhere else in Thailand. There are no cars on the island, only some very few motorbikes and a bunch of longtail boats being used as a taxi getting to and from all the beaches around the small island.

Travelling alone on this trip I stayed in the village were most of the people stays, although I really recommend staying at one of the beaches when traveliing together with someone. Longbeach is my favorite spot (have stayed here plenty of times before and loved it), mainly because of the reef and my passion for sharks and other marine life at this a great snorkeling spot. In addition the beach is really white, fine powder and clean as well, supernice!!!

This time I spent about 2,5 weeks on this beautiful island relaxing, walking trips and snorkeling. Nighttime watching firestick show and drunken Muay Thai (Thai boxing) between drunken tourists, quite fun actually. The fighters gets a free ‘bucket’ (small bucket filled up with ice, chosen liquor, chosen softdrink, redbull and a bunch of straws) for each fight!! ha ha

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After a extreemely relaxing beach break it was time to head back to Bangkok for a bit of work before returning to Norway a week later.

Again I had a great and relaxing time in the land of smile, Thailand.

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