Full Moon Party & island jumping in Thailand

Thailand: Koh PaNgan, Koh Tao, Bangkok. 10.09.2008

And we’re back in the land of silk…again,and again and again….Our purpose for this visit to the amazing country of Thailand is mainly party, party, party, and then relaxing on the Islands before Børre is heading up to Bangkok for a bit of work…Sort of a holiday in the holiday kind of a thaaaaang..ha ha,what a great life!!

Arrived at the tropical airport in Koh Samui ready for our holiday in the holiday.
You have to love this airport!! Kind of a indoor/outdoor tropical strange looking thing with colorful airplanes surrounding the area, what a great way to enter this paradise!

Koh PaNgan & Haad Riin Full Moon Party:

At the island of Samui we jumped on a boat that took us to our first destination, the island of Koh PaNgan & the famous Full moon party beach area of Haad Riin.

Our Haad Riin stay in a nutshell:
Party, party, party & fullmoon-extreeme-party, sleeping, eating and changing bungalows (first place: overpriced, second place: got kicked out, third place:actually kind of nice). And not to forget our great bike ride to explore the beautiful island,snorkeling & managing the reaAAAALLLLLLYYYyyy steep roads(actually up to 25%)..

Børre’s coworker, Anne and her friend Line from Norway also joined us in Koh PaNgan. It was really great to meet up with friends again, and also the fact that they brought us lots and lots of Norwegian sweets, niiiice.

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Koh Tao:

After our days(nights) in Koh PaNgan we all had to go for alco-rehab, so Koh Tao seemed to be the perfect place, and it really was..

Arriving Koh Tao and getting of the crowded boat was a great relief, finally we could start our relaxing stuff..

Went to Chalok Baan Kao beach area and found a cheap bungalow close to the beach, great!
Spent our days relaxing on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, walking trips and planning our further travel in between. What a great place!

For a day we rented scooter & ATV, sightseeing around this beautiful island,before joining up with Oyster, Denice & Megan celebrating their dive certification with a bunch of beers.

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After a week or so, Børre, Anne & Line went up to Bangkok for doing a bit of work (jewelery shopping) for his shops.. Also his other coworker Astrid with her friends, Kristine & Linda from Norway joined him in Bangkok..soooo great to meet up with my good friends again..

While Børre was in Bangkok working, Marianne spent 1 more week soaking up the sun in Koh Tao before joining up with the rest of the crowd in Bangkok..

Some sightseeing like Grand Palace, Golden mountain and Big Budda had to be seen in Bangkok, and of course another visit to the tailor for another pimp suite for Børre had to be done before heading further on our trip to the amazing country of New Zealand, which is our next blog,so keep on following.

And yesssss,we still have it supergreat on our amazing travel.

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