Bangkok & Hong Kong

Thailand: Bangkok.  Hong Kong: Kowlon, Hong Kong Island. 29.08.2010

The travel bug bit us again, as always after a few months back home in Norway… This time we’re going for a stop-over in Bangkok before exploring Hong Kong, The Emirates and Oman.

Thailand: Bangkok:

It’s time for Børres working days in Bangkok again, and this time the whole family comes along!
We decided to stay at a quite nice hotel with swimming pool this time, since Børre is going to be working most of the time, and so the girls can enjoy some relaxing days by the pool, overlooking the always busy bangkok city. Prince Palace Hotel became our home for a week, and the view from our room on the 34 th floor was great!!!
The swimming pool on the 11 th was a great place to relax and enjoy the view as well.
Two of the days Marianne and Samoa joined Børre working at Pratunam, and to get there we jumped on a riverboat stopping just outside our hotel. What an experience with our baby Samoa on the lap, not forgetting riding a tuk tuk trough Bangkok the same way, it looked like Samoa really loved it! Since we’ve been to Bangkok several times before we didn’t do any sigtseeing or anything like that. Børre mostly worked and the girls mostly stayed at the hotel and the area around it.

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Hong Kong:


After spending a week in Bangkok it was time to move on to Hong Kong.
Hong Kong, a crazy special city… How does 7 million people fit in this tiny land? And is it really 10 000 restaurants here?? Hong Kong is spectacular and exotic. People and crazy traffic everywhere!!!
We stayed at a cheap (cheap for Hong Kong that is…still quite expensive)hotel, Caritas Lodge, in the middle of Kowlon. Right outside we had Nathan Road the «main» street trough Mong Kok and Kowlon (central Hong Kong), perfect!

Hong Kong Island:

One of the days we vent up to «the peak», the top of Hong Kong Island. The view was amazing!! Altough theres hardly a day with complete clear sky, making a perfect photo shot a bit tricky. The only way to get there is by the steep Peak Tram. Crowded with toursists and not quite fitting the babypram but still quite a ride!
The Peak is the most fashionable and expensive area to live in Hong Kong and it’s biggest tourist destination.Not only is the view from the summit one of the most spectacular cityscapes in the world, it’s also a good way to get Hong Kong in perpective.

After a nice (and noisy) walk on Hong Kong Island we took the famous star ferry across the Victoria Harbour, and at Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade we had the most amazing sunset view over the Hong Kong island Skyline and harbour. At night we could marvel its amazing captivating neon lightshow from the same spot. Quite an experience!

We spent another day to the Hong Kong Convention & exhibition Centre and the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Faire, where Børre had to do some work. You just got to love the big exhibitions in Hong Kong!!

The rest of our stay we strolled around, looking at people, buildings, shops and ate really good food.
Hong Kong was really a great experience, but it’s time to move on after 5 days in this hectic city.
Next stop; Dubai!

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Our tips to other travellers:

Highlights: Bangkok: taking the riverboat that locals use, Shopping in Pratunam.
Hong Kong: the Peak, lightshow over Hong Kong Island in the evening.

Minus: Both places: too much people, too much traffic!!

Cost: Bangkok is supercheap, Hong Kong is not!!
In Bangkok we stayed at a great hotel with swimmingpool and view for ca. 45 usd a night, including a great breakfastbuffet. Prince Palace Hotel.
In Hong Kong we stayed at an ok hotel, nothing special, not very good breakfast, and paied around 100 usd a night. Caritas Lodge.

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Babyfriendly ( barnevennlig ):
Our babygirl was 8 months during our travel in Bangkok and Hong Kong.
We looked for babyfood,dipers,milk powder etc. In Bangkok they have a pretty good selection at «Tesco» and «Carrefour». In Hong Kong we only found one supermarkedchain that had a small selection,»Wellcome».
The streets in Bangkok is definitely NOT made for babystrollers, but it’s a lot better in Hong Kong.
It’s definitely best to have a small folding strolly, and perhaps a Baby Bjørn or something similar that you can carry the baby in.

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