Cruising Yangtze river, Chongquing, Wuhan & Shanghai, China

Chongqing, Yangtze river cruise, Wuhan, Shanghai. 20.07.2008

Train ride & Chongqing:
After exploring Xi’An, we jumped on the 3class hard sleeper overnight train. Dirty, noisy and very crowded stuff!
Tired & hungry after 13 hours, we arrived Chongqing midday, and vent directly to the travel company where we bought our boat tickets. Did some foodshopping at a huge supermarked before having a hotpot dinner by the riverside! Sat around the table and put all the food in a “boiler” in the middle of the table, and then ate all the shit we put in. Not the best dinner, but a fun experience.


Yangtze river cruise:
At last we got to the riverboat, and we shared a 4bed compartment with Øystein. Squat toilet and shower in one, the smell was not good, but you know… you get used to a lot of shit travelling like this…
First night on the boat we had a party on the upper deck (where of course we had to pay extra money just to be there!). Wine, vodka and lots of beer made it a great first night on the Yangtzi River.

The next day we woke up to a grey and rainy day, and of course with our luck, the weather stayed that
way the rest of the trip!

So the days went by relaxing and enjoying the view.

The third day we went on an excursion to the 3 little gorges. Excellent views of the amazing nature, but the rain and extremely annoying Chinese guide made the trip a bit long. Some other foreigners actually went crazy, throwing chairs and yelling to the boatcrew! Really fun to look at!!

Arrived at the huge 3 gorge dam in the afternoon the 4th day, and took a bus to the nearby town Yichang where we changed buses and continued 4 hours to Wuhan. Had a very special (read; NOT good) experience with the toilets at busstation.. all the squattoilet on a row, no walls and no doors between them… so we at there piing together(yes,the girls)…. No secrets anymore!!! And after that first experience of that kind of toilets we actually found out that this the way they do it at every busstation in China! Usjjj..

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Arrived at Wuhan late in the evening, and the bussdriver just stopped at a random corner and yelled “get out!” So a bit confused we found a taxi and after a while we found a hostel right by the train station. Hungry, we walked around forever trying to find some food, but ended up with a noodle box in the hotel room, and just vent to sleep.
Next morning we took a taxi to Pizzahut (really hungry for something else than the neverending noodlestuff..), and just spent the day waiting for our overnight, (soft sleeper this time), train to Shanghai. Didn’t like Wuhan at all!

Came to Shanghai, and the heat, checked in to LeTour Youth Hostel and went out to see the city.
After breakfast the boys (Børre and Øystein), with Marianne barely hanging on, spent the first day going crazy at the electronic marked, looking at computers, iphones, cameras and other (boy)stuff. Bought a new underwater camera since the one we bought in Beijing was stolen from Mariannes purse, in Xi’An, after two days of owning it.

In the evening we vent to this really nice place with lots of restaurants and bars. The place was really expensive, so we had the most expensive, but also one of the best dinners so far… we got the meat and the fish on a hot (skifer stone)stoneplate and cooked it our self. Really nice! Took a couple of beers on the rooftop of our hostel and relaxed before heading for a good night sleep.

The days in Shanghai practically went to walk/subwaying around the city(Oisters mobilphone got stolen in the crowded subway) and looking at all the great buildings, riverside and planning were to go next..

we’re having a blast on our journey around the great world!!

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