Fiji,a pacific pearl

Fiji: Viti Levu island: Nadi & Bounty Island. 14.11.2008

On our «operation see all of the Pacific»,the journey continued further from Vanuatu with a week stop-over in Fiji before heading for Samoa.

Since Børre has been island jumping the islands of Fiji a couple of times before, we decided to just find a small island and just relax for the week,and enjoy the great island-life.

The tiny little island of Bounty,were the televisionshow»Celebrity Love Island»is filmed became our destination. Not easy to make a choice, when Fiji consists of some 332 islands with white sandy beaches, crystalline seas, world class snorkeling, diving and surfing. And all of this make Fiji a magnet for travelers from all over the world.

Viti Levu island: Nadi:

Arriving Nadi late at night meant we had to spend the first night on the main island Viti Levu. We found a shitty (but cheap) room at a backpacker in Nadi, and arranged our trip to Bounty Island from there(it turned out to be cheaper if you arrange a Bounty Island trip from the airport,shit!!).

See our pictures / album from Viti Levu: Nadi (Fiji) here..

Bounty Island:

Travelling up to the Yasawa group which was our first plan, turned out to be far too expensive for us, so we decided to go to Bounty Island in the Mamanuca group instead. And what a great decision!

The boat ride out to the island took only 30 min from Viti Levu, and when we arrived at this beautiful love island we knew we had come to paradise! The locals were singing a welcome song for us when we jumped from the boat and on to the beautiful beach,a real pacific arrival so to say.

The coral island is so small you can actually walk around it in only 30 min(10 minutes if you are Børre), small bures (bungalows) by the white sandy beach and a nice dining area with a bar and a pool next door.

The snorkeling just outside our front door was amazing. Marine life like we’ve never seen before. Børre even saw several sharks (3 blacktips and 1 big white or silver tip reef shark) just a few meters from the shore while snorkeling!!!!

Marianne became quite good at snorkeling as well, but the sharks thaang still seems a bit scary for her….

Our days went by with swimming, snorkeling, relaxing in the hammock, reading and just enjoying this amazing island. We also met a nice couple from Norway, Cathrine and Tor Aslak that we spent some time with, having some beers and fun together.Really great to catch up with some vikings again(loong time since we talked norwegian with someone).

The week went by quite fast,so we had to move on to our next destination wich is Samoa,so keep on following our blog-stuff.

and yess,we’re still having a great time and hope you all are freezing your asses of..ha ha

See our pictures / album from Bounty Island (Fiji) here..

See our video from Bounty Island (Fiji) here..

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