Kickass in China: Beijing & Xi’an

China: Beijing & Xi’an. 11.07.2008

Beijing City:

Arrived Beijing in the afternoon, after a long train ride from Ulaan Baatar.
Checked in to the City central youth hostel, a really great hostel! Nice to finally have our own room and a clean toilet!

Went out for a fantastic dinner, the table full of all different kinds of foods and we all shared like the real chinese. Took some beers in a Hutong area, and found Beijings smallest bar, 12 sqm! 8 people was as much as there was room for…. Had a great time! We then checked out the real Chinese partylife with karaoke at the Party Palace! Here we rented our own room, bought a bunch of beer and sang all night! Haha! Crazy Chinese people were singing and dancing all over the place!
On our way back we saw a great streetfight; 2 guys against a many, using a broom as a wepond in a kung-fu kind of a way. great fun to look at!!..

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Beijing – Hutong:

The next day we vent on a rickshaw tour in another Hutong area.
Hutong are old narrow alleyways, some has survived, but many has being swept aside in Beijings desire to be a modern city with tall buildings and fancy architecture. The Hotong around te Qianhai Lake was really special. We actually went in to a couple of houses to see how the families live there life.
And again we ended up with a huge Chinese dinner feast!

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The Great Wall of China:

The next day we went to the highlight of our stay in Beijing, The Great Wall!
We went to a section of the wall situated a couple of hours from the city. A really beautiful place. We took the cable car up to the Wall. It’s quite steep to walk. And we strolled around on the wall for a couple of hours, taking lots of pictures and enjoying the view.
To get back to our bus,Børre took the bobway(great fun!!) and Marianne the «boring way»: cable car..

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In the evening we went to the Acrobatic show. Amazing how strong and talented the artists are. They actually start training as young as 4 years old. Crazy stuff….

Beijing – Forbidden City:

We soon realized that in Beijing there’s too much to see! So the last days we spent at the Forbidden City, electric marked (Børre bought a new Iphone, and underwater camera), the silk marked (a bit to much hassling),the Nest (Olympic stadium), the summer palace (beautiful, but too many tourists,) and just walking around the city, looking at all the crazy beautiful buildings.

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Next stop is Xi’an.

Took a overnight train to Xi’an. Not much of a city except the Drumtower and Belltower, situated in the middle of town. And of course the Muslim quarter is worth a visit. Specially in the evening when the streets are packed with all sorts of foods, souvenirs, clothes and whatever you need or don’t need. børre bought a chinese shirt and Marianne bought a beautiful silk dress!

On our second day in Xi’an, we vent to see the Army of Terracotta Warriors. (the main reason why we stopped in Xi’an). The life-size army of thousands has stood gard over the soul of Chinas first emperor, Qui Shi Huang, for over two millennia

Including in the trip we also stoppet at a really boring museum, a silk factory, a terracotta factory and The Tomb of Qin Shi Huong. A loooooong day!!

Back at the hostel we booked traintickets for Chonqging and a four day cruise on the Yangtzi River! So keep reading our blogs!

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