Mongolia with transmongolian railway

Mongolia: Ulaan Baatar, Geer camp. 11.07.2008

After 9,5 hours waiting at the border of Russia, we finally arrived to the majestetic country of Mongolia.
The view from the train window gave us a feeling of wonderful, untouched nature. We passed geercamps, horses,yacks, rivers and mountains.

We had a short stop in the capital, Ulaan Baatar, took a shower and did some shopping (beers and stuff), before we headed out to the countryside for a night in geercamp.
The place was amazing! Mountains, hills and lots of geers.
After a huge, and very tasty lunch (we’re talking mega-super-huge,3 course lunch that is!), we went up to one of the hills to enjoy the view. And what a view!!!
We brought some beers and sat there and just took in the sights, took lots of pictures and tried to see some of the eagles close up, but they kept flying away from us…??

Back in the camp, the boys discovered a pooltable hidden under some plastic, and after a bit of work, the first game was on! And as usual, beers and vodka!
After some drinking and playing, it was time for dinner. Big and really good dumplings!
Suddenly the sky opened and the rain was pouring down, thunderstorms and lightning. So the rest of the evening we spent drinking inside the geer.

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The Geer-beds were quite hard and the pillows were made of some corn stuff,making it a bit hard to sleep all night thru(+the wolf stories from the local driver didn’t help Marianne either), so we slept almost all the way back to Ulaan Baatar the next day,good..

Back in Ulaan Baatar it was still raining, so we spent most of the day in café’s, souvenir shops and internetcafes before heading to a Mongolian traditional barbeque to say goodby to our tourleader,Peter(Petr)..
What a cool place!! First you pick what you like to barbeque, then some ‘chefs’ barbequed it in a funny way on a big round steakplate while we’re waitng..Really great food!!
After dinner we went to the Parlament building where the statue of Djengis Khan stood majestetic, great place for some pictures before heading back to the hotel..

Last day in Mongolia, we woke up at 5 am to prepare for our last train journey on the transsiberian/mongolean heading for Beijing, China..
After some hours on the train we entered the Gobi desert..Really special nature and rural villages in “the middle of nowhere”.
At last we closed up to the border were we had to change the boogie set under the whole train..Fun to look at, although it took soooOOOooome time…

See our pictures / album from Ulaanbataar (Mongolia) – China border here..




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