Montenegro-Wild beauty!

Montenegro: Bay of Kotor, Kotor, Perast, Podgorica, Durmitor National park, Tara Canyon . 16.08.2009

Continuing our Kickass travel in Western Balkans, we headed for The Wild Beauty of Montenegro. Coming from Dubrovnik, Croatia, the Bay of Kotor started simply enough, looking just like any other bay, but as we progressed through bay after bay and the surrounding mountains got steeper and steeper, the beauty got amazing extraordinary as we closed up towards Kotor.
The Bay of Kotor is often described as Southern Europe’s most spectacular fjord, And though the word «fjord» is not the correct one (being Norwegians we knows how the real fjords looks like…:)), we must say it’s an awesome place.


After about 3 hours bus ride, we finally arrived Kotor, after driving past numerous beautiful and picturesque small villages on the way.
Kotor is a dramatically beautiful town, wedged between brooding mountains and a relaxed corner of the bay. The old city walls, started in the 9th century, arch steeply up the slopes behind the town, and at night they are spectacular lit, reflecting into the water to give the town a golden look.

Within the walls it was narrow marble lanes with shops, restaurants and churches at every corner. We spent a day exploring the wonders of this small town, and Børre also went on a hike up the steep slopes by the wall and to the top to enjoy the magnificent view of the town, the bay and the surrounding mountains (being «want-to-see-everything-in-a-short-time» he ran up & down the mountain in half the time that normal people use, ha ha).

During our stay in Kotor we stayed at a great & cheap place just outside the city walls, a new place (with no name actually??), run by an Englishman and his Montenegro wife. We really had a great view overlooking parts of the wall and the bay from our window at this place, nice.

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After a really hot & sticky day, we had to try out the local beach to cool down. The beach at Kotor is not the nicest, so the next day we decided to go for a day trip to the cozy small village of Perast instead. It’s only 30 min away with a local bus, perfect!!

Perast looks like a small piece of Venice and the streets gives you memories of the days when it was a rich and powerful place. The tiny village has an amazing «collection» of churches, 16 actually!
We walked around this amazing place for a day, shooting photos of this old and beautiful town and the two small islands offshore.
Along the water there where plenty of places to cool down in the sea and relax on a bench overlooking the bay, nice clear water and no tourists made this place perfect for a swim break!

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Bus via Podgorica (capital), Durmitor National park and Tara Canyon, to Bosnia & Hercegovina border:

Back in Kotor we decided to ‘go for’ the scenic road straight trough Montenegro to cross the border in the north into Bosnia & Hercegovina and our next stop, Sarajevo.
The bus ride took us about 10 hours going via the the capital Podgorica, the saddest & ugliest city we’ve seen in a long time, and the awesome Durmitor National park and Tara Canyon.
Along the road we drove along dramatic cliffs, a couple of hundred meters straight down from the narrow bumpy road (crazy stuff!!!), amazing view of ice cold clear mountain lakes and majestic steep mountains.
Although we spent 10 hours on a shitty bus, with people everywhere, and at times driving on awful and quite scary roads,the trip was definitely worth it when you think of everything we saw along the way.

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Montenegro , The Black Mountains , is a magical place with great bays, rugged peaks and dramatic canyons, a place we absolutely can recommend! We had a super great time in this tiny country, and maybe, sometime we’ll go back to explore more.

This ‘Kickass Western Balkans’ trip includes Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia & Hercegovina, so keep following our travel blogs if you want to see more.

Our travel route in the Western Balkan:

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