DicaPac – Vanntett cover til smarttelefon opp til 5,7″ – WP C2


Vanntett telefon-beskyttelse til turen, eller til arbeid. Coveret passer best smarttelefoner over 4,5″ (maks opp til 5,7″). *Vanntett ned til 10 meter!! *Ta bilder og film under vann!! *Flyter på vannet om du mister!! *Ring, surf og tekst mens telefon er i coveret!! Les spesifikasjoner fra produsent under.



Sjekk ut DicaPac-WP-C1 om du skulle hatt mindre cover for din smarttelefon.

Nyttige spesifikasjoner og video fra produsent:

  • Size: 105mm(W) × 172mm(H)
  • Material: PVC, TPU, Polycarbonate
  • 40g
  • 10 meters

Up to 5.7″ Smartphone

iPhone 6 plus, Galaxy Note 1, 2, 3, 4, Galaxy edge

Float 100% Waterproof case

If you enjoy the moment, let’s get on with the float waterproof case, Dicapac. Dicapac delivers a soft case with an airbag and a neck strap for the smartphone. The airbag makes your device to float. Nontoxic case is no harm when you use. Now, let your smart devices free around water while you are swimming pool, at the beach, it rains. You deserve touch, talk, listen without worries. The most benefit is that you get clear photos via the polycarbonate surface of the case. All purposes dustproof, fogproof, sandproof, snowproof, waterproof case for smart Devices.

T shape PC lens window

A Dicapac waterproof case designed for Android and apple iPhone 6 plus smartphone. T shape lens window is made of polycarbonate which is known as PC. It has low scratch-resistance and a hard coating. It is applied to polycarbonate eyewear lenses. Polycarbonate is highly transparent to visible light.

Airbag makes your device to float

Dicapac puts the airbag on the back of the case. The airbag makes your smart device to float. If you lose your phone, you just look at around on the water.

4 edges protection

Dicapac improved the waterproof case protecting 4 edges. Where is vulnerable while people are playing in the water. It is stronger and less damaged with the new Dicapac model.

Pass the waterproof test

Dicapac delivers waterproof underwater housing usable up to 33feet (10 meters), JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard) IPX8 and IP68, which is providing the highest class in waterproof test. Dicapac products of all have passed the test. The condition of the test is that the Dicapac holds on 10 meters depth of water in half an hour.

Final marks : We do the water test of all cases we made. You do the test before you take in your device for sure.





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