Samoa, a South Pacific dream

Samoa: Opulo island: Lalomanu, Apia, Virgin Cove. 22.11.2008

We are still traveling around the amazing Pacific ocean and really enjoying this part of the world. After spending a reeeeeally relaxing week on the beautiful Bounty Island in Fiji, we continued “operation see-all-of-pacific” and jumped on a plane going to Samoa.


Due to stupid flight schedules in the Pacific we arrived in Samoa at 5 AM after being up all night!
Being really extreme tired, we hired a taxi to take us the 2 hour drive to Lalomanu beach. We slept the entire way…..
A good thing was, since we crossed the dateline, we “woke up” to the same Saturday again, making us enjoy this day 2 times in 2 days..kind of great since Saturdays are a feast day in most places around the Pacific!

The gorgeous Lalomanu beach is situated on the south east coast of Samoas main island Opulo.
We stayed at a really nice place called Litia Sini beach” resort”. Got a great deal, stay 7 nights, pay for 6 and all the meals are included in the price,niice!

The fales (open bungalows) are lined up along the gorgeous beach, and from the deck is just a short dash into the turquoise lagoon.
Great swimming and amazing place for snorkeling. A lot of beautiful multicolored corals and lots and lots of all sorts of fish. Best snorkeling so far!!!

Samoa has some of the most beautiful and enticing landscapes in the south pacific. Stunning beaches, paradisal waterfalls, rainforest, rugged sea cliffs, blowholes and lava flows.

It’s really hard to describe the beauty of this island, and so far this is absolutely our favorite place!

After 10 days of swimming, snorkeling, reading and extreme relaxing in the hammock, it was time to move on.

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Spent one night in the capital, Apia, which has a mixture of old colonial architecture, dilapidated modernity and lots of noisy traffic, before taking the night boat over to American Samoa for a week ( next blog).

Back from American Samoa a week later, we again spent one day in Apia, exploring the streets, markets and restaurants, before heading down south to the picture perfect Virgin Cove.

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Virgin Cove:

Low season so we got a great deal(again hi hi), stay 3 nights pay for 2, and a free bottle of wine!! Yummy! Which we enjoyed during the traditional Samoan feast with good food, dancing and firestickshow.What a great way to spend the first night there.

Big, beautiful fales(bungalows) along the beach which is built with a minimal impact on the surrounding nature, having the best view over the sea, and just a little 3 meter “jump” and we’re swimming the crystalclear water you can only dream about, what more can we say,perfect!!.

Being a reeeally quiet place, the superhuge crabs running around everywhere, even in the toilet and in our fale was the only noise you could hear,specially at nighttime!! Great fun!

Spent the 3 days here swimming, snorkeling and relaxing before we had to catch the plain going to our next destination, which is Tonga.

That’s the place where we’re going to meet our good friend Øystein(again), and celebrate Christmas and new years!! The pacific way!!!

To all of our new & old friends, travel companions, party friends, best friends, weird “friends”, strange friends, people with money(send us a lot!), and of course to all of our family.


We are celebrating this Christmas stuff in the tropical paradise of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean. This is also the first place on earth to see a new day, niiice.

See our pictures / album from Opulo island: Virgin Cove (Samoa) here..

See our video from Virgin Cove (Samoa) here..

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