Snowkiteing on ‘the roof of Norway’, Finse

Norway: Finse 1222 . 06.04.2010

Snowkiteing at Finse, the roof of Norway, is the perfekt way to celebrate my 37’th birthday. Marianne, got me the perfect gift knowing my passion for kiteing, mountains and outdoor adrenaline activity..thanks a lot Marianne!! I LOVE YOU!

Early morning and extremly tired, we (Børre,Marianne & Samoa) jumped on the train, heading for Hardangervidda and Finse. It’s a must to say we love train travel, so the five hours passed by pretty fast.

Approaching Finse, the signature of Hardangervidda appares; majestic and dramatic mountains is rising up from the platau, the big glacier of Hardangerjøkulen is seen in the distanse, and the sudden lack of trees is making us realize we’re closing up to our final destination,jippi.

Jumping off the train, I got a little bit nostalgic; I have actually lived in Finse some 18 years ago, actually 6km more remote than Finse village, working with & in the 10,3km train tunnel for 1,5 years. Altough I tend to remember the good times, it’s a must to say it was some REALLLLY crappy days when the winterstorms hit the area, wich was quite often..

The only hotel at Finse, Finse 1222 is our home for a couple of days, expensive but what the hell. The hotel has a really warm feeling and serves crazy-good food!
There is a cheaper option; Finsehytta, a norwegien big mountain hut with dorm beds and stuff.
Apartment 1222 is also an option for longer stay with apartments for rent..

The whole stay I was kiteing all the time, enjoing the great kite-conditions, while Marianne and Samoa relaxed enjoing the calm atmosphere, aswell as filming me, nice!!

Even though the snow was little bit to wet and the clody sky made it hard to see the bumps and contraste, the 6-8 m/s wind made it the perfekt power for enjoing the great adrenaline sport of snow-kiteing, Love it!!!

There is one thing we know for sure; we’re definitely coming back next year!!

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