Travel & limestone climbing in South China

Guilin, Yangshuo, Kunming, Jinghong. 29.07.2008


After a 25 hours train ride from Shanghai we arrived the city of Guilin.
A beautiful city, situated between several lakes, rivers and great mountains.
First night we ate our favorite food, spring rolls and fried noodles, and then ice cream from McDonalds…. passed through the night marked and ended up walking this really nice lighted walkway by one of the lakes. In the middle of the lake in a perfect setting we saw two gorgeous Chinese buildings lighting up the whole area.,of course they turned off all the lights the minute we sat down with a beer to enjoy the scenery! Spent the next day at Guilin princes city solitary beauty peak, a park in the middle of the city, with a lime stone pillar we climbed in extreme heat to look at the view of the whole city.
Further we went to the amazing Red Cave situated just outside of the city. The scenery was incredible! Took a lot of pictures.Also at this place they kept turning of the freaking lights all the time!!!!,what’s wrong with these people???
The next day we woke up to a terrible rain! And we who had prepayd a boat ticket going to Yangzhou!! ….. had a looooooong breakfast hoping for the rain to stop, and all of a sudden it actually did… so the boat trip was on again! Came down to the boat place, and seriously, we never thought we could fit 4 people + luggage in this tiny little floating object they called a boat!! There was not much to go on…. The water was really close to the edge… Anyway…. So happy we took this boat ride after all….
The scenery was amazing, beautiful mountains, a lot of strange boats, children playing and people washing clothes and themself along the way!!
After about 2 hours we had a break so our boatman could have his beer, ha ha..,safe stuff you see..
another hour and we arrived the great city of Yangshou..
What a super place!!

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The crowded marked street, amazing parks and great restaurants made this place our highlight of China. In addition Børre got to do his thaang as well; rock climbing!! Børre & Øystein rock climbed one of the great Limestone pillars surrounding the city..What a great kick!! Another kick was that Denice got bitten by a big ugly sort of a scorpion..The Chinese dudes were bussy capturing the creep while Denice got a bit worried about the poison that had just been injected into her..,luckily it all went well..
After some hours Børre & Øystein jumped out in the river to cool down, what a great way to end this day.
Marianne spent her time in Yangshou being really sick, stuck in bed with a fever & flue so Børre became the “hot”nurse for a couple of days until he got it as well..

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Kunming & Jinghong:

Sick and tired we bussed up to Guilin were we hopped on the nightrain to Kunming..
Setting at about 2000 meters the weather was quite cold in Kunming. Spent a couple of days there before heading to the beautiful & tropic city of Jinghong. With it’s palmline streets and relax atmosphere, we really enjoid spending our last days in China here, before heading to Laos. In addition Marianne had a really expensive haircut in Jinghong: 3 USD, ha it!!

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