Vanuatu: Efate island: Port Vila, Iririki island, Erakor island, Iarofa village, Turtle Bay. 02.11.2008

Sun,beachlife,snorkeling and holiday in the holiday,after the holiday,before the holiday is the best way to describe our time at islands of the Pacific ocean.

After 5000km of extreme-travelling in New Zealand, we really looked forward to relaxing in the tropical paradise islands of the Pacific.

Our first stop got to be Vanuatu and the beautiful island of Efate, which is the main island in this tine little country.

See our pictures / album from Port Vila (Vanuatu) here..

Efate island:

Port Vila, Iririki island, Erakor island:
After a warm welcome at the airport, with traditional music and singing, we found a place to stay just 5 min from Port Vila, the capital. A great resort called Coconut Palm Resort, where we got a nice room for practically nothing…We just had to book through a “last minute booking” number to get the half price,ha ha..We never thought we could afford to stay in a resort like this on our budget..

Due to steep prices on inland flights, we decided to stay on Efate and take daytrips around the island and to some islands outside Efate, instead of going to the other big islands in Vanuatu.

Efate is Vanuatu’s heart, a central island that buzzes with some tourists, commercial, industrial and educational activities. Here you find the capital Port Vila, a pretty town with the nicest harbour, hotels, kind of “gourmet restaurants” and an exciting range of activities and events.
Just a short (free) ferry ride away you find the amazing islands of Iririki and Erakor. These islands are made up as resorts, but anyone can go there and spend their days on the beach. We spent 2 days on both islands, and had a great time with swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and ending the days with great food while enjoying the amazing pacific sunset.

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See our pictures / album from Erakor island (Vanuatu) here..

Iarofa village, Turtle Bay & day trip:

One of our highlights was a daytrip to a small village called Iarofa, where we could see how the warriors used to live and how the natives still use the nature for hunting, fishing, food preservation and so on. Really interesting. They performed a tradional dance and a crazy guy walked on burning stones!!! Quite a sight!

After the village we vent to Turtle Bay to look at turtles and a Murrey as well as having our lunch, before our day ended at the beautiful Blue Water Resort area where we went on a kayak trip (with a shitty kayak).Also we did some snorkeling and Børre finally got to “play” with some sharks, jippi!

All in all, Vanuatu was a great experience, and to finally have some warm weather and do some swimming and snorkeling again was really great.

Our days flew bye with beach, eating and sleeping, and exploring the town and it’s surroundings, so we had to move on to our next destination on our “operation see all of the Pacific” wich is Fiji, so keep on reading our blogs!!!

PS.hope all of you are freezing your asses of..ha ha.

See our pictures / album from Iarofa village, Turtle Bay & day trip (Vanuatu) here..

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