Weekend getaway to Palanga

Lithuania: Palanga. 24.01.2011

Enjoing the price”war” on internet, we stumbled over some crazy cheap airplane tickets going to Palanga, Lithuania. Costing us only NOK 2,- (about 30 cent usd) pr.person we just had to go for it!

Palanga is one of Lithuanias main tourist destination during summer with its 18 km long sandy beach, hip party places and cafes and restaurants at every corner. But that’s summer time……… we vent there in January and only a couple of hotels and restaurants was open.

Going to Lithuania in January, we expected the same temperatures and weather as in Norway, and were correct; lots of snow and around minus 10 degrees Celsius! Since the sandy beach was covered in hard packed snow it kind of made a walkway for the few tourists and the locals. And in splendid sunshine and blue skies, it really was beautiful!

During our few days in this cozy, but really quiet «village», we went for long walks along the beach, in the forest just outside the city centre, visited the amber museum, ate good food and just relaxed. And at the super cheap hotel , we were the only guests and got really good service and delicious food!

To get a “feeling” for Palanga and it’s atmosphere, you probably have to go there during the summer months, even though we had some good relaxing days there, it’s hard to say how the place really is.

See our pictures / album from Palanga (Lithuania) here..

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